New interview

It’s been interesting getting feedback and seeing what kind of reviews Trial of Tears is getting. There have been quite a few from Amazon and Goodreads. If there any of you out there who want to ‘friend’ me on Goodreads, please do so. There’s also a nice blog interview with Rina Jacobs here:

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It lives!

I’m happy to announce that ‘Trial of Tears’, the most eagerly anticipated new book since William Shakespeare’s sequel to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is now available as a paperback and eBook on Amazon and CreateSpace. There’s a link to buy the book on the ‘Trial of Tears’ tab of this website.

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February 29th, 2012

Had a guest blog in the San Francisco Book Review this week on being a working writer, meaning a writer whose main source of income is not yet his writing.


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February 22nd, 2012

The printed galley has been corrected and sent back to the printer. It’s amazing that I can still find things to correct after umpteen drafts. Unless something out of the ordinary crops up in the next galley, this should be it. I know this screams ‘Newbie Writer’, but it was incredibly cool to finally get a printed copy of the book, cover and all. It’s a book now, not just a manuscript.

There’s a fun interview with me on The Lit Chick Show: I put together a little takeoff of MTV Cribs in at the beginning.

There’s also a nice review of Trial of Tears on the Jersey Girl site:


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January 29th, 2012

On Feb 1st, I’ll be doing an on-line radio interview from 5-8 EST on

The full jacket and interior are at the printer now, so the next thing I’m going to see is the book galley in it’s physical form. It looks like the release is being pushed back slightly to early March so I can get this out to advance reviewers before then.

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January 21st, 2012

I’m in promo mode now, filmed a funny video for the Lit Chick Show that will be on-line sometime in February. Also have written some guest posts. One interview that’s up is:

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